Austin’s Outdoor Art Gallery/Galería de Arte al Aire Libre

Yesterday was my one week anniversary since I moved to Austin! I celebrated with a walk around the Clarksville’s Castle and Lady Bird Lake areas. Near the castle there’s a vacant lot with several walls, remnants of several buildings or homes. What’s unique about this place is that local artists are constantly taking over these walls and creating outdoor canvases for everyone to enjoy!

Take a look!

¡Ayer cumplí una semana de que llegue a Austin!  Y aunque no había tenido la oportunidad de salir por que no conozco el área todavía, convencí a mi roommate para que me llevara al castillo (en realidad es una casa en forma de castillo) en el área de Clarksville. Precisamente vi un reportaje en las noticias locales sobre este lugar y no resistí ir a buscarlo. Y vaya sorpresa que me lleve, ¡Es una galería de arte al aire libre!



4 thoughts on “Austin’s Outdoor Art Gallery/Galería de Arte al Aire Libre

  1. So jealous that I have lived in Austin for five years and you have seen this place and I’ve never even heard of it! You will have to show me around :-)

    • Craig,

      We can definitely go back and check it out!Funny thing is that the day we were watching the tornado coverage, there was a story on the news about some kids vandalizing this place. And I was like I have to go there. So I asked John if he wanted to go there, and I drove there with his help because I couldn’t find an exact address :)

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