1,300 Miles Away from Home

I’m moving to Texas! And it isn’t an April fools’ joke. Actually, I have been in Austin for three nights and two days.

The crazy part is that I moved here without ever visiting the city, let alone the state of Texas. The only other time I can think I did something as spontaneous was when my family and I decided to move to San Diego from Mexico City. One day we packed our bags, jumped on a plane and moved.

I spent 14 years in sunny San Diego. It is hard to say goodbye to great weather, beautiful beaches, and above all my family, my boyfriend & my dog, but sometimes you just have to take a risk and follow your dreams, or in this case a dream job?…well I can update you on that one once I start working.

Will I become an Austinite, or will I forever be a San Diegan?

On my way to Austin


2 thoughts on “1,300 Miles Away from Home

  1. Siempre que un sueño has de perseguir existe un riesgo que tomar
    lucha por evitar el insomnio -la rutina- y vive una vida al extremo
    un día encontrarás que tus metas y tus batallas uno solo serán
    el éxito entonces, será simplemente tu felicidad en la cotidianeidad…

    Éxito, ánimo y mi consejo sigue siempre adelante.

    Saludos afectuosos.

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