My Hometown

I was born and raised in Mexico City until I was 18. Then my family and I moved to San Diego, CA  and have been calling America’s Finest city home since 1998.

I lived in several parts of  Mexico City, but Xochimilco is the neighborhood where I grew up and spent most of my pre-teen and teenage years. By far, the fondest memories I have are from this area.

Xochimilco is a world heritage site and it is famous for its canals, man-made islands, and “trajineras,”  gondola-like boats. Hence, Xochimilco is often referred to as the “Mexican Venice.” I love Xochimilco because it’s so colorful and vibrant!

Take a boat ride along the canals, pick your favorite as they are all named after a female, like “Juanita” or “Maria”, I even found one with my name, “Leslie,” go figure! Eat at the market or grab a snack from the boat vendors.

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